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Help us eliminate physical and mental abuse for women and children !!!




We appreciate your interest, but our project is in its infancy stage and is unable to accept donations at this time.   We are moving quickly to become fully operational so stay tuned and check back.




Having grown up as a child who was mentally and physically abused by my step-father,  I have great understanding and empathy for women and children in this type of situation.

 My stepfather would beat my mother, my brother and I,  severely with various items which he kept hanging over the kitchen door including a 5’ bull whip and a 2’ logging chain.  He would often wrap a towel around my neck and lift me off the floor, choking me until I became unconscious.  Several times after I regained consciousness,  I would find him beating my mother because she had stepped in to try to save me. Then after he passed out drunk, We would attempt to take care of her and revive her with a wet cloth.  I can remember one time when she crawled around on the floor picking up her teeth he had knocked out. She cried harder each time she found one. 


As  children ages nine and ten,  We watched our mother have her jaw broken three different times over a period of two years. She also had her arms twisted and broken on multiple occasions.  My stepfather would make my brother and I sit and watch as he pistol whipped her, he would beat her for hours, making us and her beg for her life. It was a living nightmare.  With each hit  her blood spattered on the walls. Then he would shove the gun in her mouth and threaten to pull the trigger if we did not beg. (Russian Roulette). It was terrifying for her and for us children and the most awful part of it was that we could do nothing to stop him.

We had nowhere to run and no way of escape. He would threaten to find and kill us if we left. We were held captive in another state far from family members. After enduring years of abuse, my brother and I carry scars to this day of what that  man did to us, to our mother and to our family.   As an adult, I have never been able to erase those mental childhood  images. The one thing that stands out in my mind from that time of horror is that we were helpless to save our mom and we loved her so much.

  My mission in life is to save as many women and children as I can from these horrible abuses. I believe God has given me this assignment and has purposed me with this endeavor and even if it’s just one that can be saved, then my mission is accomplished. 

I pray now God, for wisdom and that you put the people and mentors in place to help me with this mission/ministry.

What we do

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We are an organization located in South Mississippi, focused on helping  women and particularly women with children  escape abuse and violence in their home.  We will be providing food and safe housing  (free of charge) to those who desperately  need to escape these dangerous situations. RAYS OF HOPE will also help establish a pathway for a better way of life including teaching new coping skills, counseling, providing education  and utilizing community resources in order  to establish a new direction and a firm foundation so the family unit can live a non-violent  independent life.

The Concept Connection

Our company provides a platform that will change the way donations are utilized. 

Once funds are received, our board of directors uses these monies to fund  small business loans in our local communities.   As these loans are paid back, a portion of the monthly interest received will be allocated to the mission home.  The platform now generates a re-occurring income for the home .   Also, as the monthly principle portion of the loan is paid back,  it is returned to the original donor's  escrow account.                                                                                  



Rays Of Hope Thanks You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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For ladies with children we will be provide a refuge (safe) place to escape violence 


Board members presently being recruited

Approaching board members and mentors now as God Leads us




Business owners

We will be seeking Legal expertise this month

We will be incorporating legal assistance as to lay the appropriate foundation  to navigate the legal mine fields.  

Rays of Hope Refuge House

We are presently looking for an appropriate facility as to establish the first safe house

Establish Model (Business Plan)

Provide a detailed written business plan as to explain to board member and prospective donors as to why they should be a part of this FOR PROFIT platform


How do we find donors

How does ROH make money


Our small business loan program is designed to help foster growth and development of small  mom and pop type businesses here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Your loan will need to be collateralized..contact us by filling out the application below..


Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

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